Taking Charge! of Opportunities

An on-site personal development program seven weeks in duration, that assists participants to explore personal growth and planning.

Program Objectives

  • To assess the participant’s ability to meet a regular, daily schedule

  • To determine their readiness and commitment to training through regular attendance and participation

  • To determine the participant’s receptiveness to working in a supportive group environment

  • To assess the participant’s flexibility and sociability in working within a diverse group and as part of a team

  • To provide feedback to the participant on their behaviours, values and communication style

  • To introduce a variety of topics, concepts and activities to challenge participants to explore their creativity, interest in learning new skills and consideration of new ideas

  • To explore both verbal and non-verbal communication skills

  • To help develop a positive sense of who they are, and the confidence to help them imagine good things for their life

  • To help begin the decision making process in where they want and or need to go next in life

  • To improve personal planning, creative thinking and decision-making skills

  • To encourage their sense of self-responsibility and independence

  • To improve the skills of participants in juggling their responsibilities for raising their children and building their own careers

  • To form a link with available community resources for wellness and life planning

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